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On Photography
  • On Photography

  • Life, Art and Stories are the elements that compose my photography and among other things....Color, Beauty, Tone, Composition, Light and Dark, Laughter and Tears, Joy, Love, Hearts Beating Fast, Welling Emotions, Everyone You Care About, and the Great Moments That You Will Never Forget...

Photography Packages
  • Photography Packages

  • Each package includes 1 to 2 photographers depending on wedding size, 4×6 photographs of every image, 8×10 enlargements, an online gallery for friends and family to view and purchase images, digital files and copyrights of all wedding images, a custom designed bridal album or folio in which you pick the images and cover.

About Me
  • About Me

  • I have made a lifetime career in the helping professions. My first career was as a registered nurse where I helped babies come into this world. I enjoyed being a part of the creation of a beautiful new life. And similarly, as a wedding photographer I create images that artfully document the creation of a couple's new life. I love photographing people and in a beautiful way, revealing their spirit.